Challenging Times

These are challenging times for us all; energetically taxing times that require a concerted effort to stay whole and light and present. Our thoughts right now are with you and your loved ones and our entire global community. Like many, we have spent the last few weeks adjusting to a new normal. As a small business we are experiencing an increased demand that is pushing us to stay centered and open to innovative solutions. Individually we’ve been making nourishing meals, tackling projects that we’ve been meaning to do, getting creative with where and how we exercise, FaceTiming dear friends, sorting through stashes of garden seeds, and all the while working through fluctuating states of unease.
We want you to know that we will continue to ship orders and that we are doing all that we can to keep our customers, employees, and practitioner partners safe during these times. We are working closely to keep our inventory stocked and to fulfill orders and respond to calls as quickly as possible. Our goal is to stay as connected to our community as possible and to offer our services throughout these changing times.
We are charged beings and the concerns that we have right now can be all consuming. During uncertain times we can raise our vibration and calm our collective spirit in beautiful ways when we offer our energy towards the betterment of others. Far and wide; near and dear, let's remind one another to steep tea, make broths, use the spices in the cupboard generously, meditate, sleep, lather, hydrate, and spend time in natural sunlight moving the body. Now is an ideal time to limit how intensely we follow the daily news and instead focus our efforts on supporting our cellular, emotional, and physical wellbeing, while respecting all shelter in place measures.
We continually talk about proactive support and plant medicine at her vital way because we want everyone to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing more about medicinal herbs. Our health journey has given us tremendous confidence in the many ways that plants support cellular function. How extraordinarily generous is it that plants share their defense mechanisms with us? They are not here simply to adorn our walkways and landscape our lives. They have a myriad of chemical properties that heal the body, mind, spirt, and our social wellbeing. They heal in kindness and intelligence; with a deep respect for all that the body is trying to achieve. Plant intelligence is exquisite and it comforts and fortifies us in times like these.
In addition to teas, broths, meditation, journaling, and sitting with plants as often as we can, one of the ways that we proactively practice supplemental self-care is to consume ample amounts of Vitamin C. From the foods we eat regularly to a daily concentrated dose we are big fans of Vitamin C, mostly because it has a hand in just about every function that the body needs to perform. Our C-BerryWell uses a certified Non-GMO Vitamin C with polyphenols from whole grape, blueberry, cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries for added full spectrum antioxidant support that shows up and works hard to enhance, improve, defend, maintain, and repair – with care.
There is a lot of speculation right now about what natural remedies are effective in aiding the body's response to a COVID-19 infection. As we hear of developments on this front we will share them with you. In the meantime, we believe the vital role that Vitamin C plays in the body's healing process and how it protects cells against harmful free radicals is certainly of benefit to us all. Last but not least, while we each work to find ways to 'normalize' our days, let's remember to care more – for ourselves and for one another, and through it all (as NY Governor Cuomo so eloquently said) let's find our better selves.

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