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When we feel well and we help one another – we're unstoppable!

About Us

Creating the space for wellness and time to look after one's Self is paramount to an energized existence. her vital way is here to enliven your path to wellness. 

Integrating science, nutrition, nature, mindfulness, exercise, and community are what we celebrate. While we've learned that nothing can replace a diet of fresh, whole foods and an active, mindful lifestyle – the advantage of incorporating supplements for us is that they offer multiple lines of defense and many ways to tone and support each bodily system.

Maybe this means staying focused during a very stressful day

Or easing bodily discomforts so that we can get it all done – joyfully

Or perhaps it means kick-starting positive change to an area of weakness. 

A body in balance naturally has energy. Listening to the body when it's telling us something is not right - long before something becomes very wrong – this is our battle cry. Advocate for yourself and incorporate the daily proactive support that herbs and supplements offer.

Circles of Goodness

Every cell in the body is 'digesting’ the world around you and what you say, think, feel, eat, do – even who you surround yourself with – impacts your cellular health. Cells want to be energized. Cells want to have optimal nourishment. Cells want to rid the body of toxins. Cells want to perform thousands of elaborate processes on your behalf. Support your cells; surround them with goodness – in every area of your life. Fantastically complex and staggeringly beautiful. That’s your cells. That’s you!

Direct to You

By selling direct, we bypass the unnecessary markups that occur in the retail space. Our goal is to maintain pricing that allows for the ongoing commitment that herbs and supplements require.

Nature + Science

We provide premium supplements of exceptional integrity at affordable prices. We bring the latest in science and the most respected plant traditions to the development of our products.


Our validation and testing program ensures that the botanicals and supplements we provide conform to the highest standards of quality, potency and purity – with no adulteration of raw material.

Return to the way of the woman

her vital way is for everyone. As a brand we celebrate women healers who were foundational to countless cultures worldwide. Fueled by a deep connection to the earth, to the plants, to health as a connected system of body, mind, spirit, and social wellbeing – their focus was always on true, root cause healing.

It is time, in every area of our lives, to return to the way of the woman.

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