SourcePure® is the validation and testing program her vital way uses to ensure that the botanicals and supplements we provide are exactly what we claim them to be.

All of our ingredients are tracked and tested through the entire supply chain. From farm to finished product to you – our products conform to the highest standards of quality, potency, and purity.

Our Difference: Ensuring No Adulteration of Raw Material

Profit before purity unfortunately drives many brands to unknowingly and knowingly produce material of inferior quality. At her vital way we've developed a stringent validation system that guarantees the authenticity of our raw materials while ensuring that every offering in our product line passes the SourcePure® standard.

Utilizing scientific innovation to detect impurities

The testing required today to detect intentional adulteration with cheaper raw materials, synthetics, and the environmental contaminants in soil, water, and growing methods make it increasingly relevant for brands to properly screen ingredients. Having a validation system that guarantees the authenticity of our raw materials is an integral part of our brand promise.

This validation system includes: NIR (Near Infrared) basic ingredient identification; UV/VIS potency testing on a range of active and marker compounds; HPLC potency testing; Adulterant screening; Stability Chamber accelerated and real time stability testing on all ingredients and formula blends; and full MICROS Micro-testing on all ingredients.

We believe that every consumer should have access to only the best – true ingredients that offer measurable benefits to support their quest for Energized Living. Our SourcePure® validation system ensures complete detection of: Pesticides, Adulterants, GMOs, Heavy Metals, and Solvent Residues. Only the finest ingredients make their way to you.

Thanks to our direct-to-consumer supply chain we can offer premium products with numerous proprietary and validated ingredients in an economically viable way. We champion ingredient integrity, along with world class R&D, and renewable energy resources, and we're proud to procure ingredients from exceptional global brands like Bergstrom Nutrition, Stauber Ingredients, Ethical Naturals, Inc. in the U.S., Marigot Limited of Ireland, Gnosis Bio Tech of Italy, Sabinsa of India, and Kappa Bioscience of Norway.

Here's to
Energized Living!

Direct to You

By selling direct, we bypass the unnecessary markups that occur in the retail space. Our goal is to maintain pricing that allows for the ongoing commitment that herbs and supplements require.

Nature + Science

We provide premium supplements of exceptional integrity at affordable prices. We bring the latest in science and the most respected plant traditions to the development of our products.


Our validation and testing program ensures that the botanicals and supplements we provide conform to the highest standards of quality, potency and purity – with no adulteration of raw material.

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