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+ I’m not sure which products are right for me. Can you help?

We’d be happy to help. Please email us at or feel free to call us at 415.524.2221

+ How long does it take to see results from your products?

Some results are felt immediately while others take longer. Supplements work in a gentle way in the body and so it’s important to be consistent with your dosing for the best results. Feel free to reach out to us directly with specific questions about your product of interest

+ Do you offer free product samples?

With each order you will receive a complimentary sample of one of our best sellers.

+ Do you sell your products in any retail locations?

We have chosen to sell our products directly to you to keep our pricing affordable and to avoid any unnecessary markups that occur at the retail level.

+ What is your privacy policy?

We take your privacy very seriously and our shop is a safe and secure place for you to visit, explore and make purchases. Our detailed privacy information can be found here.

+ Do you offer an affiliate program?

We are currently evaluating an affiliate program. Please email us if you’d like an update when a decision is reached at

+ What Does SourcePure™ Verified mean?

SourcePure™ is the validation and testing program her vital way uses to ensure that the botanicals and supplements we provide are exactly what we claim them to be: that they conform to the highest standards of quality, potency and purity. The SourcePure program tracks and tests our ingredients through the entire supply chain and manufacturing process: from field to finished product.

+ I’m currently taking supplements from another brand how do I find out if they test for adulteration?

If a company is testing for adulteration they will have detailed identity results that they can send to you immediately that will verify the source of their materials. The best programs have internal and 3rd party verifications. It's best to ask for both.

+ I’m allergic to sulfur medications can I take MSM?

MSM is a naturally occurring compound found in raw fruits, vegetables and some grains, as well as human blood and tissues. It is safe and non-toxic. Your allergy is likely due to sulfa drugs or sulfite-containing food additives, which are not naturally occurring sulfur compounds. *As with any allergy talk with your doctor before taking any new product.

+ What is Magnesium Stearate and why is it used?

Magnesium stearate is a magnesium salt of stearic acid. One of the most widely used ingredients in supplements it is a compound containing two stearic acids and one magnesium. Used as a natural flow agent it also helps to control proper ingredient dosing. The few milligrams used in our formulas are easily processed - after consumption magnesium is separated from the stearic acid for the body to process and utilize both. Magnesium being necessary for health is a mineral that most people are deficient in. A saturated fatty acid, stearic acid is found in many foods in much higher levels like fish, eggs, milk, cheese, grains, and in vegetable fats and oils like coconut, olive, cocoa butter, and flaxseed. While stearic acid is a long chain fatty acid it has a neutral effect on blood lipids and LDL cholesterol levels. Stearic acid is well absorbed by the body and when tested in live human subjects shows no evidence of being harmful. Magnesium stearate is given the highest safety score of 1 by EWG, with approval by numerous practitioners including one of the most prominent health experts Dr. Ray Sahelian - and with a history of safe usage that spans decades. We use an animal-free magnesium stearate derived from Non-GMO vegetables.

+ Can men use Her Vital Way products?

Of course! With most women being the driving forces for health and change in the family we find that many of our consumers are purchasing her vital way products for the men in their lives.

+ Are your products Non-GMO?

All of our products are certified Non-GMO including our capsules and our flow agents. Botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and all starting materials used in fermentation processes are always Non-GMO.

+ What does Clean Label Compliant mean?

Clean Label Compliant means that no allergens, artificial flavors, preservatives, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), artificial colorants, gluten (wheat, barley, rye), dairy or lactose are used in our products.

+ Where are your products made?

All of our products are manufactured in our solar powered facility in Northern California with verified ingredients that are grown all over the world.

+ Are your products safe?

Safety is very important to everyone at her vital way. While our ingredients all have a long history of use with the highest of safety ratings it’s important to consult with your health practitioner before use regarding any specific concerns pertaining to your health. The supplement industry is heavily regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and all of our ingredients go through an extensive quality assurance program that is cGMP compliant and NSF Certified to standards that even surpass the FDA. A full list of our testing program is below and unlike many companies we have a complete and thorough stability program that uses accelerated and real-time data that is never estimated.

NIR (Near Infrared):

Botanical ingredient identification


Potency testing on a range of active and marker compounds


Potency testing
Adulterant screening
Research and Development


Microbiological testing on all batches of customer finished products

Outside Lab Testing:

Pesticide Screens
Solvent Residues
Heavy Metals
Nutrition Facts

+ Do you take orders over the phone?

We sure do. If you are experiencing problems or simply like to speak to a live person please call us at 415.524.2221 M-F 8AM-6PM PST and we’ll process your order right away.

+ How are you able to offer such good pricing?

One of our main goals at her vital way is to make supplements affordable. By bypassing retail locations and the unnecessary markups that occur and by staying vertically integrated with our manufacturing we can proudly offer extremely competitive pricing for exceptional products.

+ Can I receive a refund even if I have used the product?

Absolutely. We stand by our 60-day money back guarantee and can help you at

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We go beyond the sale to educate, empower, and advocate for consumer health and wellbeing because a person who genuinely wants to improve their health should be supported on that journey every step of the way.