Colorful Splendor

Color. It’s a vital and beautiful thing. The body responds to color in blissful ways and as health practitioners we love reminding our clients to expand their thinking and grab an array of different greens, fruits, seeds and whole foods that challenge the norm. The exquisitely brilliant thing about nature is that each color represents an abundance of different phytonutrients that offer unique healing attributes to our cells. Colors that feed the eyes, the heart, the skin – colors that help detoxify – colors that improve energy – colors that fight inflammation – colors that provide digestive energy, challenge our moods, fuel our thoughts – and yes, even awaken compassion (it’s true).

It’s easy to forget and it seems to be part of the human condition to fall into routines, but it can be a trap. Buying the same items week after week, simply because we’re familiar with them, limits our existence and our vitality. What we expose ourselves to everyday we become. Think of the body falling into a regular routine of unpacking the same nutrients and actives day in and day out. Yikes. The last thing we want is for the body to become stagnant and sleepy without access to the bounty of diversity that exists in nature. 

Every system in our being needs energy, circulation and F L O W and that is achieved by an infusion of diverse thoughts, movements, and nutrients. Green, orange, red, black, yellow, brown, purple, white, blue – and every shade thereof - it’s kind of awesome just how colorful and energetic real food is. See how colorful your plate can be and commit to eating this way at every meal. Then pay attention when you start consuming these colors and feel which foods are grounding, cleansing, or which ones give you sustained energy or an improved outlook.

Now more than every the body needs an abundance of color to kickstart immune health and revitalize our beings from the more stagnant days of winter. The next time you go food-shopping set an intention to not buy anything that you’ve eaten recently. What?! Yes, go crazy and awaken true cellular potential. Normally eat spinach salads? Grab arugula. Are you an apple every day person? Grab pears. Pick up a dragon fruit instead of kiwis or yucca instead of potatoes. Ever swap purple cabbage for green?How fortunate we are to have such abundance around us. Cells crave a medley of protective plant nutrients and in times of stress or viruses this becomes especially important. So let’s bliss out our beings with a varied and colorful existence because it does our cells a world of proactive good.


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