Connecting Circles

It wasn't until our late 30s that we discovered the power and joy of women's sharing circles. How different our teens and twenties and even early motherhood would have been with this grounding and nurturing practice! Respectfully sitting in this time-honored tradition of coming together is empowering. In this age of nonstop distractions women's circles allow us to pause with one other and share our stories and wisdoms. We're here on this earth to connect and when we do so in a genuine way we are reminded, through the stories of others and our own, that being alive is a gift of the extraordinary kind.
We'd like to encourage you to try sitting in circle. Feathers or flowers in the hair are optional (they are lovely to place in the center of the circle though), but a few well intentioned, kind and generous women, some unhurried time, and a comfortable place to sit are mandatory. Start with women who feed your soul and then slowly branch out to additional friends while maintaining a maximum size of no more than 10. One of the most beautiful aspects of sitting in circle is that it's not about giving advice or answering back; it's about simply honoring one another.
There are numerous sites online that talk about how to sit in circle. Make a list of what resonates with you and host your own gathering, maybe around the new moon each month and with different intentions or themes like gratitude. Trust us. Connecting with other women heals. This month and every month we want to remind us all to listen and to share our stories.

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