Every cell in your body is rooting for you

It’s staggering when you think about the over 30 trillion cells all working to maintain balance, harmony, and energized living inside the walls of your being. That’s one massive stadium of fans all cheering for you! It’s exhilarating if you allow yourself to really think about just how fantastically awesome that is. Each cell in the body is 'digesting’ the world around you and what you say, think, feel, eat, do, even who you surround yourself with – impacts your cellular health.
Cells want to be energized. Cells want to have optimal nourishment. Cells want to rid the body of toxins. Cells want to perform thousands of elaborate processes on your behalf. Yes that’s right. Your behalf. This notion that it’s selfish to put yourself first is pure rubbish. Self care is one of the most loving acts that you can do for others. When we properly care for ourself, and our cells, we are better equipped to care for the world.
So take some time for you. Exercise, eat what you enjoy and what you know to be wholesome and energizing, schedule time with people who you are crazy about, spend time in nature regularly, and proactively support your cellular health with premium supplements that are proven to work with the body. Then show up to the world clear, centered, and nourished and coming from a place of tremendous self-love and energy.

Fantastically complex and staggeringly beautiful. That’s your cells. That’s you.

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