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I spend a lot of time on the computer and have done so for years. About 4 years ago I started becoming acutely aware of eye fatigue and with glaucoma, and cataracts on both sides of my family – set out to educate myself.

I think that most of us take our eyes for granted. I always assumed that I would have perfect vision. Glasses were for other people. But like so many friends, I too awoke one day to see a blurry child asking for some breakfast.

Our eyes are incredible and like every area of the body, rely on proper circulation to perform their best. When eye circulation is healthy, it means that key nutrients and oxygen are getting where they need to and preventing degeneration and free radical damage.

Women, surprisingly, are twice as likely to suffer from vision loss so learning about how to properly nourish and protect our eyes is more than a good idea. I’ve been to the eye doctor on a regular basis for years and always get a clean bill of eye health. Not once has a doctor ever said to me: “Women suffer from eye conditions and disease at a far greater rate than men – you should consider eye massage and supplementation as a preventative measure, especially with your family history.”

So what do I do now and how have my eyes changed? Every morning before I open my eyes I do this simple eye massage from Mantak Chia’s Chi Self Massage Book. I rub my hands together for about 20 seconds until I can feel them warming up and place the palms of my hands into my eyes with gentle pressure, and with my hands still placed over my eyes, look up, down, right, left and repeat several times. It’s a wonderful way to wake up the eyes and energize blood flow. This simple book by the way has taught me such good stuff: Chi Self Massage: Taoist Rejuvenation.

While working throughout the day, I also look away from computer every 10 minutes. I fixate on an image at least 15 feet away and then look at several points to the left and to the right until working my way back to the screen in front of me. I make sure to get adequate exercise each day so that my blood is pumping strong and getting where it needs to with ease, and I take a standardized, unadulterated Bilberry extract.

The biggest difference that I’ve noticed is that I don’t get eye fatigue and dry eyes anymore. My eyes feel good and strong.

Bilberry has so many wonderful benefits for women. When taken for eye health, you can notice an improvement in how your eyes feel rather quickly. It’s validated and used in every major country to support eye health, and our job now is to get the word out to women of all ages. 

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