Gratitude is Everything

Gratitude. It’s everything; so simple and yet powerfully transformative. Giving thanks for all of the many wonders in our lives on a daily basis is pure energetic bliss for our cellular health. Here is our loving reminder as we embark on what is for some a very hectic several weeks of trying to balance it all: swell with gratitude for all that you have and all that you are, and genuinely take care of YOU.

Yes that’s right. Do things for yourself. This notion that it’s selfish to put yourself first is pure rubbish. Self care is one of the most loving acts that you can do for others. When we properly care for ourself we are better equipped to care for the world.

So take some time for you. Exercise, eat what you enjoy and what you know to be energizing - before you go to big gatherings; schedule time with people who you are crazy about; make thoughtful cards instead of buying more stuff; show up to parties calm, clear, centered, nourished; and then truly connect with others while coming from a place of tremendous self love.

Then, if anyone around you starts to encroach on your bliss, simply smile and walk away. 
That's right. You decide who you share your energy with. One of the most profound ways to kickstart change is to stop putting yourself in situations that drain you. Other people can be incredible energy hogs. Role play. Write down responses for you to memorize and then promise yourself to say 'no' to invitations or exit conversations that don't serve you well. It's easier to come from a place of gratitude when you protect yourself and set boundaries but most of us are not taught how to do this. Next time you're in front of the mirror practice the following: "Oh I would love to help you but I'm just not available" or "Please excuse me I've just remembered something I need to do". Come up with all kinds of scenarios that you've been in before and practice ways to politely say 'no'. The more comfortable you get with saying 'no' the easier it becomes. We promise. 

Once you start to see your calendar free up and once you stop participating in conversations that drain you you'll find a lot more room in your heart for gratitude. In fact, be prepared because once you make room for gratitude it expands and appears in all areas of your life - becoming an overwhelming thing of beauty. 

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