Hormone Power

Our society puts a great deal of energy into suppressing, blocking, synthesizing, and misrepresenting female hormones. It’s astonishing that most women never even reach full hormonal maturity before medications begin disrupting their delicate balance. It can then take years – often fraught with stress – for the natural order and rhythm that a woman should operate from to return. How extraordinary that so many plants are here to help bring hormones into a state of balance, naturally. Nature knows how to work with the body to guide and to heal and restore.
Schisandra berry is a friend to all women and in a quiet steady way she helps women return to where they need to be; while helping the body adapt to and respond to stress with an energized liver, strong heart, and nourished endocrine system. It’s no wonder that traditional women in China and Russia have long revered the numerous skin and hair health benefits from this 5 flavor balancing berry. A liver that is optimized to detox and digest and an endocrine system that is truly nourished will naturally support a renewed luster and vitality to skin and hair.
And yet, there is still so much more to admire and revere about Schisandra berry and only through a long journey with her gentle ways can women begin to feel the subtle and substantial changes that unfold. Stress pathways that have been in place for years like cold sores, shallow breathing, sluggish digestion, irregular cycles, acne prone skin, and restless sleep will diminish and soon balance will prevail. Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent. Complex and beautiful. Schisandra.

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