Nature's Time

April is one of our favorite months when it's hard to contain the giddiness that abounds. New buds, bulbs rising, trees blooming, birds chirping, and busy pollinators abuzz with a flurry of activity. Nature runs on a different clock and everything we need to know about health and wellness and blooming can be found by studying the seasonal, root to rise flow of her steady measure. April is a beautiful reminder that even in the throes of winter, or when all seems quiet, the ground is teeming with life. Much like our own health, healthy soil requires a complex blend of minerals, organic plant matter, soluble nutrients, gases, and a vast web of microorganisms to thrive. That, and plenty of time. Often, the most profound changes happen quietly.

Herbs and supplements are patient workers and their steady resolve is the single most difficult thing for most people to grasp. Human nature want results - quickly. But unless you're testing and measuring something like say calcium levels, there is a certain amount of trust and patience that is required for supplemental changes to be felt and appreciated.

Anyone who has persevered and experienced the joy and relief that comes from staying the course with herbs, will attest to this. But for those who are new to alternative remedies, our conditioning for immediate results can be disheartening. So we encourage you to think of herbs and supplements as careful gardeners tending to a massive acreage of overgrown plants. Invite them back day after day and give them time to do their work.

Some very concentrated remedies can deliver rapid benefits, like our Cranberex, which begins to address a condition like bacteria adhesion very quickly, or the calming, Alpha Wave producing effects of L-Theanine that crosses the blood brain barrier within 20 minutes to create a state of relaxed focus; but to tackle a symptom arising from years of inflammation or for joint integrity to improve, or heart circulation to be energized, or for hormones to rebalance - all of these require time.

Think of a virus for example. A virus that has been passed down through family or that has planted itself over 20 years ago in your liver or in your vagus nerve. Imagine all that needs to happen for that settled virus to stop replicating, become dormant, and to ultimately leave the body. A steady commitment to self care, stress management, and a patient daily dose of antiviral support is essential.

When we spend more energy enriching our bodies and permitting the goodness to reveal itself, we acknowledge both a respect for the ways of the earth and a respect for ourselves that is sustainable and harmonious, ultimately health giving and, yes, may even leave us a little giddy. So as spring unfolds we recommend you follow this supplemental path - be a student of nature, a companion to nature, and a believer in the pace of nature, and always, always, always - root to rise, because this is how blooming happens.



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