Nourish the Complex Clusters Within

As we wrap up Mental Health Month we’re reflecting a lot on the meaningful work that has happened. The power of platforms in social media is that they allow for sharing - little glimpses into the lives of strangers - that ultimately have the ability to unite us and set into motion collective healing. To assume that we learn about mental health and/or how to manage it in school or in families, is a mistake. Most of us don’t know about mental health issues it until we, or someone we love, are battling with it.
Inflammation, poor circulation, genetics, and a compromised gut microbiota have all been shown to cause mental illness. For people suffering from debilitating symptoms, one step in the right direction can set in motion a series of positive changes that together bring healing. That’s why for the last 60 days we have been giving away samples of one of our favorite proactive supplements: L-Theanine. Used extensively in Europe and Asia and quickly gaining recognition in the U.S., L-Theanine offers daily stress and anxiety support that is safe for long-term use.
When anxiety strikes, we can’t always get to a yoga class or outside in a tree-lined area for an hour’s stroll. What options are out there to get one through? To help center the body and the mind and to calm the heart so that one can have the space to think clearly? Having a safe, effective and gentle remedy on hand when anxiety or overly stressful days arrive leads to clearer thinking and decision-making, improved digestion, healthier communication styles, happier relationships, and energized function to every system in the body. We feel that L-Theanine is a powerful tool that should be a part of every woman’s self-care toolbox
The number one prescribed pharmaceutical in this country is an anti-anxiety drug prescribed mostly to women, and we want to change that.
Our personal approach to mental wellness: exercise out in nature daily, consume a variety of fresh whole foods and healthy fats, avoid alcohol and sugar, follow an anti-inflammatory diet, limit time online, sing and dance at random times of the day, schedule downtime regularly, and take 200mg of pure L-Theanine each morning.

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