Plan to be Well this Winter

It's difficult for most people to think about winter wellness in the fall, but that's exactly what we should all be doing. Understanding how the body and immunity work is key towards implementing a proactive support plan that keeps you charged and strong as cold and flu season commences. Getting in sync with the rhythm of nature is a fabulous way to prepare for the months ahead and it does wonders for keeping the body balanced while building up its reserve – which is important. If you’re running on empty and you get exposed to a virus or illness chances are very high that you will get sick. So now is the perfect time to make small adjustments to routine.

Sleep. We’re a nation of insomniacs. It’s staggering to thing about the health progress we could make as a nation if we committed to improving the quality and the duration of our sleep. One simple way to improve sleep is to reset your circadian rhythm or internal clock. All living beings have a 24 hour cycle and rhythm for activity and rest but humans are notorious for getting out of sync with this and pushing the boundaries so that less time remains for the body to rest and heal. So how do we get back into the natural groove of nature and reclaim our innate healing time? We like to do this by investing in extra sleep or at least getting in bed without a phone or computer a little earlier each night as fall begins. The ultimate goal, provided you don’t work odd hours, is to go to bed not too long after the sun sets and to awaken just before sunrise. Making this change alone can really strengthen your immune system. Once a person discovers how restorative sleep truly can be they typically become very protective of getting enough zzzzs!!

Food is medicine. The weekends are a great time to batch cook and portion freeze nourishing soups with immunity herbs like garlic, ginger, burdock and oregano that are packed with vegetables and legumes (highly recommend pressure cookers). Soups are literally infused with all kinds of healing action and they are easy to digest and comforting while seasons change and the body is adjusting. They make a much better snack than chips and a great meal with sprouted and traditionally fermented breads and they are ideal when you’re feeling tired or depleted. Don’t be afraid to try them for breakfast too – great way to start the day!

Herb and supplement support. Revered by Native American tribes and recognized globally for its ability to strengthen our defenses and improve immune function, echinacea is a powerful and striking herb and our favorite go-to immune remedy. We use a pure and potent echinacea in the OurDefense formula with guaranteed levels of cichoric acid combined with essential zinc and non-GMO vitamin C for an effective immunity blend that's simple, proven, and kind to the body. While many people in the wellness space are familiar with echinacea, few understand the role that zinc and vitamin c play; neither can be produced in the body, and yet both are utilized in numerous biochemical functions every day. We’ve used this formula for years while raising young children and working and we want every woman to have a reliable immune support formula that works along with rest, fluids, and fresh nutrition to keep her leaping, bounding, and soaring above the fray. Take OurDefense 10 days a month or if you know that you’ve been exposed, or at the first sign of that ‘oh no I’m fighting something’ feeling.

Getting sick every winter does not need to happen. Defy the odds this winter and see how exhilarating it is to have a plan that works! Take this as your friendly reminder to focus on bolstering immunity now and then try to not to gloat too much when everyone else starts sniffling and dropping out of the action. Woo hoo! Here’s to energized living!

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