Proactive Gifts

Schisandra Berry. One of the many reasons that we show up for her vital way each day. We are on a mission to get more people, especially women, understanding and benefitting from the proactive support from botanicals and supplements. Heart disease has long been the No.1 cause of death in the U.S. but now in 22 states cancer has surpassed it. We’ve seen far too many otherwise strong and healthy women succumb to the ravages of cancer and we’re determined to do everything we can to bolster the immune response and health of every woman out there – because waiting around is not an option.

Adaptogenic herbs have been revered for thousands of years for their ability to help the body respond to mental and physical stress in both a balancing, strengthening, and protective fashion. We love Schisandra for how it nourishes our adrenals and its ability to lessen the effects of stress (even longterm stress), enhance exercise performance, fight free radicals, increase antioxidant levels, protect and strengthen liver function, and support healthy brain tissue.

While we've learned that nothing can replace a diet of fresh, whole foods and an active, mindful lifestyle, the advantage of supplements for us is that they offer multiple lines of defense and many ways to tone and support our bodily systems. Integrating science, nutrition, nature, mindfulness, exercise, and community are what we celebrate. So here's to energized living, listening to our bodies, and sharing what we've learned to build up our defenses each day – because when we feel well and when we help one another, we're unstoppable!

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