Revitalizing Herbal Foot Bath

Making tea for your feet. What could be more fabulous? An herbal foot bath should be part of everyone's self care routine and now more than ever self care has taken on an even urgent need. We all need to have an abundance of kindness and openness to deposit into the collective wellbeing fund.

Over 72,000 nerve endings exist in the feet as well as six meridians (energy paths) – the liver, gall bladder, kidney, bladder, spleen, and stomach. There are a concentrated 70 acupuncture points in the feet alone allowing for a centralized site of rapid relief and deep healing. We spend a lot of time on our feet and they take quite a beating throughout our lifetime. A common area for injury and where the first signs of aging occur (loss of agility and balance), our feet are fabulous for administering herbal remedies.

Incorporate this self care ritual one or two times per month for 20-30 minutes at the end of the day and enjoy all the detoxifying, circulation promoting, whole body balancing, pain relieving, thorough cleansing and moisturizing benefits of an area that frequently gets ignored. We like to do our foot soaks after dinner and before bedtime to allow for a hydrating lotion treatment that can soak in all night long. You'll be amazed how easily you drift into a restful night's sleep and how refreshed you feel in the morning, particularly if you work on your feet all day.

Simply make a quart jar or large pot of herbal tea with any herbal teas or culinary herbs that you have on hand. We are fond of lavender, chamomile, ginger, thyme, rosemary, and a few cloves plus whatever flowers and plantain leaves are growing in the garden. Don't underestimate how impactful even one green tea bag can be!

After 10 minutes of steeping add your tea (saturated herbs and all) to a large bowl or extra dish tub (designated for the feet!), with some cooler water to balance the temperature and then add your salt and oil.

Settle into a comfortable chair or sofa and place a large towel under your bowl/tub and enjoy! We like to read or listen to a meditation while we soak. When your timer sounds simply pat your feet and continue with a pedicure and/or moisturizing shea or coconut butter, slip on socks and get read for bed. Pure bliss!

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