Stand Still

For thousands of years celebrations of summer solstice have been held in cultures around the world. Solstice comes from the Latin words sol- sun and sistere - to stand still. At summer solstice the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, appearing to ‘stand still’ for a few days.

Isn't it fitting that the sun, having reached its pinnacle, pauses to catch its breath?

The intensity of summer can sap our energy making us feel wilted and beaten down. Health is all about striving for balance and recognizing that excess in one area coincides with depletion in another. To achieve balance, it is essential to celebrate the soft, slow, diffused parts of our being that provide shade and nourishment.

One of our guiding wellness principles at her vital way, and that we speak about with great regularity, is this need for balance. Today, stress exists in many forms for us all. The wise and kind thing to do is to proactively replenish our cellular and energetic health on a daily basis so that we can operate not from a place of depletion, but rather from a state of true, sustainable vitality.

As the summer solstice celebrations begin, stay attuned throughout these hot months to your balance and flow and nourish that which is soft, slow and relaxed. In the midst of intense energy, stand still, look upon life from new heights and catch your breath. Happy Summer Solstice!

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