The Wise and Kind Cranberry

Our Cranberex™ Cranberry extract truly showcases what science and nature can offer together and it's a product that we are super proud to offer. Disruptive UTI’s will affect about a half of all women in their lifetime, athletes, diabetics, and the vast majority of dementia patients. For many this problem will be a re-occurring one that is extremely disruptive, and unpleasant to say the least. Unfortunately, research now shows that today’s favored solution, long-term antibiotic use, may also be one factor that increases this problem as resistant strains of bacteria develop.
Made from 100% Oregon Cranberries with the highest levels active proanthocyanidins (PAC’s) - many times higher than other brands Cranberex’s power has been confirmed by two clinical studies at Rutgers University. About 85% of the world’s Cranberry crop is produced in the North East (primarily Wisconsin and Massachusetts). But a small percentage of U.S. Cranberry is grown in the cool coastal areas of Oregon, and this climate produces some special qualities in the harvested fruit: the key anthocyanin content in Oregon grown Cranberry is significantly higher than in fruit harvest in the North East. This high content of therapeutic constituents is why the source of Cranberex™ begins on the Oregon coastline. We utilize the whole fruit (rather than from juice or pommace) for the most consistent, highly concentrated cranberry product on the market.

The result is a low dose clinically validated product that works! You can take as an every day tonic to help avoid unpleasant occurrences, or when you really need it. At her vital way we feel that a healthy UTI-free life is definitely worth dancing about, and it shouldn’t break the bank or disrupt one’s life to achieve this.

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