The X-tra Power of 36 PAC Cranberex

Imagine for a moment: what if the treatment that you've always been given to heal your UTI is making you more susceptible to them? 

Disruptive UTIs will affect about a half of all women in their lifetime, athletes, diabetics, elderly men, children, and the vast majority of dementia patients – and for many, this problem will be a recurring one. 

Antibiotics have typically been the go-to solution for UTIs. A simple prescription is handed out anytime symptoms appear. But overwhelming 
research now shows that long-term antibiotic use may be a contributing factor to chronic urinary tract infections as resistant strains of bacteria develop.

The problem with antibiotic overuse is that they don't simply kill the bad bugs, they kill the good bugs that protect your body from infection too. Antibiotic resistance happens when bacteria learn to adapt in response to constant exposure to a drug and defeat it. Drug resistance is of grave concern for UTI sufferers and the world. Because of our overuse of antibiotics, infections that were once treatable are now becoming life-threatening illnesses and increasing hospital stays and mortality rates. 

Each day we advance in our understanding of good bacteria and just how dependent we are on these 'dear friends' to fight harmful bacteria and to help keep the gut, mind, energy output, and total immunity in check. The gut microbiome is an area of rapid research with mounting evidence revealing that a myriad of microorganisms (in the trillions) not only affects our health but also orchestrates it. The scientific advancements in this area are beyond awesome and show promise for chronic disease and cancer prevention, mental health, and longevity.

Our Cranberex truly showcases what science and nature can offer. Made from 100% Oregon Cranberries with the highest levels of anti-adhesion activity, Cranberex has been confirmed by two clinical studies at Rutgers University and is recommended by urologists nationwide as a safe and long-term solution to UTIs.

The beauty of using traditional remedies, like cranberries, is that they work with the body, not against it. Cranberries contain proanthocyanidins, or PACs, compounds that give the fruit its gorgeous burgundy red color and protect the plant from pathogens.

In humans, the active PACs in cranberries work in a similar protective fashion by coating harmful bacteria in a slimy substance and preventing adherence to the urinary tract. Denied the ability to adhere and multiply, harmful bacteria are simply washed away.

Anti-adhesion in the urinary tract happens without harming the good bacteria. Cranberries are beneficial for the helpful bugs and offer an energy source that they feed on called a prebiotic.

For a cranberry product to be effective for UTIs, it must contain at least 36 mg of PACs in every dose. This is the recommendation of the American Urological Association and the findings from numerous studies worldwide.

Cranberex has been shown and third party verified to contain 36 mg of PACs in every capsule with superior anti-adhesion activity. Cranberex is recommended by urologists, urogynecologists, naturopaths, and pharmacists nationwide to promote urinary health.

Proudly protecting your bacterial symphony and offering a clinically validated, whole-body health alternative to the crazy, antibiotic train that most UTI sufferers get stuck on, our Cranberex is effective and affordable.

Affordable because, yes, we can be in the business of helping others – in fact, we must.

Cranberex gives you your life back and allows your body to start rebuilding a balanced and productive urinary system, while protecting the good bacteria that are essential to health and happiness. 


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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