Welcome in the Change

The rains have finally arrived in California, along with a collective sigh that this year's fire season has possibly come to an end. There is something incredibly energizing about the first rain after a long period of drought and the smells that permeate our being – an energizing blend of fresh earth, air, and water all awakening to change.

Our body welcomes change and is hard wired for it. On an elemental, cellular level, each of the trillions of cells in our body is engaged in acts of change. From cellular messaging to absorption, energy conversion, to simultaneous cell death and division – the science of who we are and how we thrive is profoundly awesome.

Each day that we avoid change and make a decision simply because it is easy, a small piece of us dies. We are not here to do what is easy; we are here to create exquisite change and to reach towards our fullest potential.

Say yes to things that make your heart beat a little bit faster. Be stronger in mind, body, spirit – by embracing change. Charge forth with eyes and heart wide open and welcome in the change.

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