Your Self to Your Health

Reignite, find, nurture, and protect the giddy part of your being and never underestimate how critical it is for energized living. The journey to good health can be fraught with frustration. When you’re tired, stressed, and juggling multiple responsibilities - finding the time and energy to completely change the way that you eat, live, think, exercise, behave, etc. can be daunting which is why resolutions and radical changes are so hard for most people to stick with. But what if there’s something that most of us are forgetting about? We are charged beings. We are energetic entities; from a practical standpoint alone there are billions of electrical functions happening within each of us - there’s a complex electrical system that controls every bodily function and a disruption to that system can lead to illness. 

Think about what is the fastest way to influence the over 30 trillion cells that are all working to maintain balance, harmony, and energized living inside the walls of your being? Every cell in the body is 'digesting’ the world around you and what you say, think, feel, eat, do, even who you surround yourself with – impacts your cellular health and your energy. Cells want to be energized. Cells want to have optimal nourishment. Cells want to rid the body of toxins. Cells want to perform thousands of elaborate processes on your behalf and they want to have the energy to be able to succeed. 

So what’s your charge today and how can you keep the energy flowing? Only you can answer that question. I know for me it means waking up every morning before the sun and doing my own improvisational part dance, part tai chi - in the dark, it means meditating, fasting on occasion, gardening every day even if it’s just for 30 minutes, and surrounding myself with people who talk about big ideas and who believe in loving kindness. Health is not a linear journey. Don’t get stuck in one approach. Find ways to bring you to your health journey; the you that came into this world full of play and exploration and yes, giddy energy. Explore health from many angles and stay charged. Fantastically complex and staggeringly beautiful. That’s you. Bring you to your health. 

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